Month: March 2018

Sales Leadership Deal


Isn’t it fascinating that DEALS is among the anagrams of the word LEADS? For sales professionals, getting LEADS is important. The LEADS is where sales professionals pitch for. LEADS is the ones sales professionals persuade to avail of their products and services. The sales come from the closed DEALS brought by the LEADS. The question…
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Sales Leadership Ladder

What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for Managers-in-Training?

Imagine this: You are a sales professional who is able to withstand challenges tasked to you. One day, you are tapped by your senior manager to take his place, as he will be going to top-level management. You have been endorsed to the whole sales staff. Now that is another challenge. That happened to Brenda (not…
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“I can sell, YOU can sell, WE can sell!”

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash After sharing the stories of Tony, Alice, Jonas and Mara, it’s time to think things through in this third part of our series before the Sales Leadership Master Class this Friday, March 23 at Tower Club Makati. If there’s one thing that we have the ability to do so, it’s to sell.…
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What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for your Realty sales team?

The Sales Leadership Master Class at the Tower Club Makati will just happen one week from now, this March 23, 2018. This Master Class is a one-day crash course on what matters for a sales team to succeed. We are currently on the second part of our series of stories leading to the big day.…
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What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for your bank’s sales team?

Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash There are lots of benefits in joining the Sales Leadership Master Class happening this March 23, 2018 at Tower Club Makati, and we are here to enumerate the benefits of this Master Class to various industries. Banks are a necessity for most of us. We need banks to save, spend, lend or…
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