Month: December 2018

Make good use of Modern Selling Techniques

In order to effectively leverage modern selling techniques, sales professionals need to have a healthy network of authentic connections. We’ve found that people with different levels of experience in the sales field have networks that look very different. Nevertheless, these different network compositions can be leveraged equally well for modern selling. Sellers with more experience…
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In Selling, Discipline must Match Freedom

You can smoke a single cigarette without any real risk. You can likely smoke cigarettes for many days in a row without any real threat to your health. At some point in the future, without warning the risk will go from none to catastrophic. The health problem will be new, but the catastrophe is the…
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The 2019 Sales “Cookbook”

Once upon a time, making cold calls on the phone, showing up for networking events, and engaging effectively in person with happy clients could serve as the pillars of an effective business development “cookbook.” Of course, all three of those things are still important pieces of the puzzle, but now, the puzzle has a lot…
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