On the things or situations that can hamper sales

“I would encourage you to look for the pinch points in your organization that make it difficult for your sales team to do the job that they need to do. Get your team together, brainstorm solutions, and you’ll minimize or eliminate all the sales prevention departments.” Read more from Colleen Francis on The Sales Leader

On the KPI of Referring

“Some sales leaders do measure reps based on referral results, but referral activities are the referral metrics that matter. Results metrics are a lagging indicator, and you can’t manage to results. You can manage to these activities: number of people asked, number of referrals received, number of meetings scheduled, number of meetings conducted, and the close ratio…
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How Top Salespeople Stay Motivated

With a steady drumbeat of negativity and business challenges, even the best printing salespeople sometimes struggle to stay focused and motivated.  From motivational books to daily meditation, we have seen salespeople try any or all techniques imaginable. Whatever the strategy, self-motivation is always longer lasting and sustainable than external motivation. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion…
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On Sales and Ethics

“As a sales leader, you’re tasked with impacting others, but what does that really mean?  Whether it is a meeting with a customer, another department in your company or a person who works for you, the need to care for them is essential.” “Anyone can stand up when everyone around them is standing up.  It’s…
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Solving the Mystery of Successful Sales Enablement

There’s no question about it: Sales enablement is a difficult task that is compounded by an enormous amount of confusion. To clear the smoke and bring some much-needed clarity to this function, it’s important to take a look at what sales enablement actually is and how to tackle it for greater success within your sales…
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Strategic Negotiation for Decision-Makers this April 27

Decision-makers are the ones who have the final say whether the plan is ok to be executed or not. Oftentimes, they decide the company’s business directions. Now, we will share a story on how Strategic Negotiation helps decision-makers of any industry. Joey (not his real name) is the president of the city’s business association. He…
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Sales Leadership Deal


Isn’t it fascinating that DEALS is among the anagrams of the word LEADS? For sales professionals, getting LEADS is important. The LEADS is where sales professionals pitch for. LEADS is the ones sales professionals persuade to avail of their products and services. The sales come from the closed DEALS brought by the LEADS. The question…
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Sales Leadership Ladder

What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for Managers-in-Training?

Imagine this: You are a sales professional who is able to withstand challenges tasked to you. One day, you are tapped by your senior manager to take his place, as he will be going to top-level management. You have been endorsed to the whole sales staff. Now that is another challenge. That happened to Brenda (not…
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“I can sell, YOU can sell, WE can sell!”

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash After sharing the stories of Tony, Alice, Jonas and Mara, it’s time to think things through in this third part of our series before the Sales Leadership Master Class this Friday, March 23 at Tower Club Makati. If there’s one thing that we have the ability to do so, it’s to sell.…
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What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for your Realty sales team?

The Sales Leadership Master Class at the Tower Club Makati will just happen one week from now, this March 23, 2018. This Master Class is a one-day crash course on what matters for a sales team to succeed. We are currently on the second part of our series of stories leading to the big day.…
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