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Sales Techniques Philippines: Be more confident

Sales Techniques Philippines is a series of posts where we will share the common sales techniques that are done by professional salespeople in the country. Business is competition. This is where you as a person will engage with others to find and acquire your target clientele. In this line of work, you need to have…
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Sales Technique: Selling the Benefits and Solution to the Problem

The sales technique “Selling the Benefits and Solution to the Problem” is an effective way to convert new customers. However, before you jump and start using this technique, you have to remember to understand first the customer and the current status quo. Understanding the Customer and the Status Quo Selling is part of the Promotion…
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Sales Technique: Create a Sense of Urgency

One of the most effective sales techniques that anybody can use is to create a Sense of Urgency. Salesperson must be able to use this technique and impart to the client the Sense of Urgency to decide. There are two reasons why? First, to create a sense of urgency allows the salesperson to speed-up the…
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