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10 Quotes on Selling Manners you can learn from

10 Quotes on Selling Manners you can learn from
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Last week, we have posted links about Sales and Selling in general on our Facebook page. Now is the time to recap the 10 best quotes on how we can sell better from the articles we have posted:

Quotes on Selling Manners

“People remember subpar service. Don’t wait a day to respond. If you don’t have an answer, at least acknowledge the issue and relay that you’re working on it. Do the small things. It won’t go unnoticed.”

“5 Ways to Be a Successful Account Executive” on SalesLoft

“Cadences allow sales reps to follow specific, top-performing playbooks in order to be efficient and effective in their sales process. Using the best cadences can massively improve the performance of a sales team, but only if they are set up and implemented effectively. Don’t rely on your gut. The data your sales engagement platform provides should inform the structure of your sales cadences.”

“5 Elements of a Winning Sales Cadence” on SalesLoft

“The “7 Deadly Sins of Selling” include: (1) Not Listening, (2) Wasting Time, (3) Being Insincere, (4) Avoiding Social Media, (5) Working Hard vs. Smart, (6) Failing to Follow Up, (7) Not Asking for Referrals”

7 Deadly Sins of Selling {Infographic} on SalesLoft

“While this advice may sound cliché, it really is important for sales reps to approach their quota one day at a time. Think about this way, if you don’t make prospecting a daily habit and only focus on the deals at hand, how will you meet your goals next month or the month after that?”

“12 Ways to Handle Sales Pressure” by Molly Clarke on Zoominfo

“To succeed at social selling with today’s modern buyer, you must shift your sales dialogue from ‘What can I sell you?’ to ‘How can I help you?’” – Melonie Dodaro

“15 Social Selling Quotes to Inspire Your Sales Efforts” by Sam Holzman on Zoominfo

“Effective social selling is no easy task, especially given the many responsibilities the average sales rep has to juggle. For this reason, you and your sales team must utilize the right technology stack to improve and streamline your social selling efforts.”

“Top 10 Social Selling Tools for the Modern Sales Rep” by Sam Holzman on Zoominfo

“When sales and marketing departments don’t work toward the same goals, everyone loses. For sales reps specifically, misalignment results in unqualified leads. Consider this – 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, but only 27% of those leads are qualified (source).”

“6 Outdated Sales Techniques Hurting Productivity” by Sam Holzman on Zoominfo

“The better you are at getting your prospects talking, the better off you are—because you’ll be talking less. Sometimes salespeople get really excited about their offering and just launch into a monologue. Avoid this at all costs.”

“17 Easy Closing Sales Tips” by Marc Wayshak

“Introductions are all about getting other people to do the heavy lifting. Salespeople can practice this tip from sales meeting videos by simply asking customers, colleagues, and even friends and family for introductions to people they might be able to help. […]”

“7 Simple Ways to Set More Meetings in Sales” by Marc Wayshak

“Spread your questions throughout the conversation in a balanced, natural way. If you ask all your questions at the beginning of the call, you’ll sound scripted and impersonal. That’s the opposite of the vibe you want to create.”

“Do You Make These 13 Mistakes During Your Sales Conversations?” by Chris Orlob on Sales Hacker

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