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11 Quotes for Sales Coaches and Champions

11 Quotes for Sales Coaches and Champions

Selling takes at least two to tango – it’s you (the sales representative) and your prospect. In some cases, it takes three – the third one being your sales coach.

On this recap, we are sharing 11 quotes we found online over the past week, mostly dedicated to all the sales coaches and champions out there:

“Organizations need to rethink their sales email strategy in the age of GDPR for sales. Many are taking the regulation as the catalyst to focus on authenticity and value. It’s time to build a discipline around sales email personalization.”

“Sales Email Personalization Research Reveals Key to 2x Reply Rates” on SalesLoft

“Setting a consistent publishing schedule is key for staying top of mind for your viewers. Say when you’ll publish new content and stick to it. This is a simple and fast way to grow loyal and engaged viewers and build a community of supporters.”

Serial Entrepreneur Deep Patel for Entrepreneur

“In the sales profession, for instance, willpower is necessary to continue to pick up the phone and make calls after multiple rejections have created the impulse to quit. Willpower is necessary in order to continue to follow the correct sales process even when you’re tired, bored, demoralized – or when your excitement makes you think you should leap forward a few steps to a presentation, even though you know better.

We all have a store of willpower available to us, but it is not unlimited.”

George Brontén, Membrain CEO & Founder

“[…] In other words, the best salespeople (top 5%) are 2733% more likely to have Supportive Beliefs than the worst salespeople (bottom 50%). Supportive Beliefs is one of the 21 Sales Core Competencies, each of which correlates perfectly to the four levels of performance. It’s also one of six competencies that make up Sales DNA and no competency correlates more to performance than Supportive Beliefs. […]”

Dave Kurlan, “The Best Salespeople are 2733% More Likely to Have This Than the Worst Salespeople”

“[…] When a company demonstrates its commitment to its employees by investing back into them, those employees are anxious to repay that faith – it is a “no-brainer” and definitely “win-win” […]”

Jonathan Farrington, “Is it time to get ride of a few salespeople?”

“There’s a reason why the position Sales Leader exists. The greatest salespeople are the greatest leaders. And the greatest leaders are exemplary performance coaches. Therefore, the greatest salespeople are world-class coaches.”

Keith Rosen, “Why The Greatest Salesperson Who Doesn’t Sell Will Always Sell”

“Just like a good salesperson, great sales managers invest time in precall planning their coaching sessions. They think about the salesperson’s “pain” and then plan effective questions to get to the root cause for poor selling behaviors.”

Coleen Stanley, “The No. 1 Coaching Mistake Made by Sales Managers”

“Sales training is still important. But for sales training to help all salespeople grow, to move the 80% to high performance and keep the 20% pushing to new levels of success in an environment that’s anything but stable, we have to search for deeper reasons—the real reasons why people sell or fail to sell.”

“Is you Sales Training doing any good?” by Integrity Solutions

“There are SO MANY different kinds of questions and with buyers not wanting to be ‘sold’ and by salespeople wondering what else they can do to differentiate themselves further without ‘selling’ per se, it’s important we consider a more conscious approach through guided, coaching instead.”

Bernadette McClelland, “Riddle Me This Please Sales Leaders…”

“When reps take the role of a curious student rather than an informed expert, buyers are much more inclined to engage.”

Jeff Hoffman

“Reps, tap into your competitive side and accept the challenges your manager puts on your plate. If your manager knows how to motivate, they won’t ask you to do anything you’re not capable of.”

Molly Clarke, “12 Ways to Handle Sales Pressure”

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