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3 TED talks selling professionals need to watch

If you need more brain food, you go to sites like TED. TED is where all great minds share their stories, perspectives and the experiences they got in their respective fields.

On this piece, we picked three TED talks that you, as a sales professional, need to watch. They have more videos related to sales and marketing on the site, so you may want to check that out further.

“And I’m going to now shift to talking a little bit about my own experiences. I joined Unilever in 1976 as a management trainee in India. And on my first day of work I walked in and my boss tells me, “Do you know why you’re here?” I said, “I’m here to sell a lot of soap.” And he said, “No, you’re here to change lives.” You’re here to change lives. You know, I thought it was rather facetious. We are a company that sells soap and soup. What are we doing about changing lives? And it’s then I realized that simple acts like selling a bar of soap can save more lives than pharmaceutical companies. I don’t know how many of you know that five million children don’t reach the age of five because of simple infections that can be prevented by an act of washing their hands with soap.”

“Profit’s not always the point,” Harish Manwani, TED@BCG Singapore

“If you tell me you’re going to be the developer of the map of the human genome, you better know what a human genome is; I want you to have expertise. I don’t want somebody who says, “I’ve got a great idea in a business I know nothing about. I don’t know who the players are, what the market is like.” You’ve got to know your market, your area.””

“How to pitch to a VC,” David S. Rose, TED2007

“Beethoven is an entrepreneur, not unlike our other friend, Bill Gates. He’s an entrepreneur that figures out, “Hey, I don’t have to actually go to London. I can actually just sell sheet music. And it can be printed and mass-distributed, and I will be famous everywhere, and everybody else will play my music.” So that changes the experience of music for everybody. It changes the variety, it changes the global pyramid, it changes all sorts of things. It creates a new class of musicians, of composers and performers — there’s a division of labor. If you hire Bach to play for your wedding, guess who shows up? Bach!”

“Beethoven the businessman,” José Bowen, TEDxSMU

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