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5 Podcasts we recommend every Filipino Salesperson to listen

Last Monday, we had a great conversation about traffic, in which veteran motoring journalist James Deakin laid out in a senate hearing the gripes of the Filipino commuter these days.

Speaking of traffic, chances are, you spent around two hours on the road. By this time, you probably don’t mind it as you prepare for your meeting or even for a jumpstart. You either rest sitting or have earphones popped in your ear.

If you are the latter kind of person, then we recommend you to listen to podcasts. Here’s what we are currently listening to:

Business Wars

This podcast gets the top spot among simply because of how it weaves its audience into an immersive take into the popular business battles of past and present.

We recommend you to listen to their “Boeing vs. Airbus” and “Hershey vs. Mars” segments as the show sheds light on how salesmen sell things from boxes of chocolates to airplanes.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

This is basically a journey of entrepreneur and angel investor Gary Vaynerchuk in audio form. Gary and his plethora of content should entertain you for long.

With his straightforward calls to do what you want to do, every moment gives you a reality check on life and its opportunities, albeit with strong language. This is recommended for those who need a real kind of motivation.

TED’s WorkLife with Adam Grant

Each episode of this podcast puts you to case studies of how people make their workplaces better. This podcast helps you to reimagine your work life.


If you are looking for case studies and success stories in the Philippine startup industry, Hustleshare is for you. This podcast has featured a lot of startup founders, unique entrepreneurs, and hustlers who always grind their way into success.

Usapang Econ

To cap off the list, Usapang Econ offers explainers on the Philippine economy and other topics on our mother tongue by a young breed of budding and professional economists.

Bonus Recommendations

While short-lived, the Solutions Oriented and Beyond Sales Club podcasts by Mark Wernicke (last year’s speaker for the Sales Breakthrough Conference and a Client Engagement Specialist at On-off Group) gives thoughtful advice on selling.

Now for some trivia: Podcast listenership has increased – in the United States, 51% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to a podcast as of 2019, compared to 11% in 2009. It also helps that big names in the media industry are also jumping on the podcaster crowd. In addition, Spotify’s aggressive foray into podcasting gave a huge step forward.

Podcasts can be sometimes long, sometimes short – but these can help you distract yourself from your daily commute and even give valuable advice or facts. We hope our recommendations help you tread your everyday commute. Happy Listening!

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