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9 more quotes to encourage you to be creative in selling

9 more quotes to encourage you to be creative in selling

Welcome back to another recap of the things we shared last week. On this edition, we picked 9 more quotes to further push yourself to be creative when selling.

Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Sometimes, there’s a need for salespeople to tweak their existing strategies to cater to prospects with different mindsets.

That said, let’s get right into it:

“What’s the fastest way to underwhelm a prospect? Reading off a slideshow. Instead, create slides that complement your sales pitch without taking the focus off of you. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text – so infographics, charts, and short videos are much more influential when it comes to driving your point home.”

” 7 Ways to Nail Your Next Sales Presentation ” by Sam Holzman of ZoomInfo, citing Business2Community

“Contests have long been a go-to tactic for sales managers because when these games work, they work well. Given that simply framing an activity as a game may have a positive effect on motivation and engagement, this logic is sound, if somewhat broad.”

“11 Creative Sales Contest Ideas and Why They Work” by Zach Watson on TechnologyAdvice

“You listen closely as a prospect tells you all about their business, including struggles to reach a certain market or accomplish the business growth they need. Unfortunately, a potential customer may not fully understand or even know everything about their business challenges.

In this case, you need to help educate the potential customer – is that really their problem, or is it just a symptom of a larger, organizational issue that you can help solve? You’re the expert here, so help your prospect identify the problem and solve their problem. Don’t assume the customer knows more than you do. If you can identify an oncoming headache or a hidden pain, then show them how your company offers a solution.”

“The 5 Biggest Mistakes All Sales Reps Make” by Zorian Rotenberg on InsightSquared

“In sales, we have to step up our game to add value to that whole new ecosystem. We need to be there as consultants and advisors to our buyers. We need to do a better job when we engage with someone, to engage with them in their context.

We need to do a better job understanding their specific goals, the specific challenges they’re trying to solve and translate that generic marketing that’s on our website to their business. We need to tell the story from their perspective, that’s the best reps that we have, that’s the skill that they actually possess.”

HubSpot SVP of Sales Mark Roberge in an interview with Zendesk Sell

“Collaboration is a deeply inter-personal matter, it relies on people doing the right thing. When attempting to foster a cooperative relationship between Sales and Marketing it is important to address the human dimension as a priority. Only then will it be appropriate to move on to HOW each department can support the other, what tools should support them or what joint processes and metrics we should use.”

“The 7 Common Mistakes in Sales + Marketing Collaboration” by Peter Strohkorb, GAICD on LinkedIn Pulse

“When customers hesitate to make a purchase, there is usually something specific that holds them up. Your first step is to find out exactly what is causing them to second-guess their decision. Ask what their “deal-breakers” are. Without this critical information, you will have no idea how to position yourself to overcome their objections. Knowing their breaking point will help you figure out if a deal is even possible, and what your bargaining chips are in the ongoing negotiations.”

“6 Strategies For Overcoming Buyer Hesitation in B2B Sales” by Danny Wong for Entrepreneur Magazine

“85% of top sellers were highly conscientious. Highly conscientious. Not just average. Essentially, that means that don’t leave anything to chance. They research, study and think about how they can help their customers make a good business decision. They keep things moving, involving the right people at the right time. They’re reliable hard workers.”

“5 Surprising Statistics About Top Sellers” by Jill Konrath on LinkedIn Pulse

“If you want prospects to care, you have to get them to listen. If you want them to listen, you have to first show you’re interested. One way to do this is to demonstrate relevancy. You could reference something happening in their industry, with their role, at their company, or something they shared in an interview or on LinkedIn.”

“Don’t Forget: You’re Selling to Humans” by Trish Bertuzzi on LinkedIn Pulse

“The next time you get frustrated by your prospect’s sales objections, remember: anyone can sell to eager prospects. Salespeople exist for the difficult customers, the ones who say, “No,” “Maybe next month,” and, “Yes, but …””

“Overcoming objections in sales: 40+ examples, tactics, and rebuttals” by Steli Efti of Close

Congratulations on reaching the end of this post – we’ll continue updating you with these ideas along the way, every week, as we approach the 2nd Sales Breakthrough Conference this April.

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