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9 quotes on Sales that make you think and wonder

9 quotes on Sales that make you think and wonder

Coming from last week’s recap (10 Quotes on Selling Manners you can learn from), we return to bring you 9 more quotes that will make you think about your selling processes as well as give you thought-provoking case studies:

“As your business begins to expand, identifying future bottlenecks might become more difficult, as there are more moving parts to keep track of. However, by keeping a close, ever-present eye on things, not only will you better understand your business’s own numbers, but you’ll confidently identify future sales bottlenecks and create systems to quickly eliminate them.”

Echelon Copy LLC founder Lucas Miller

“”The most successful salespeople in the world don’t come across as salespeople. Instead, they carry themselves as experts in their industry who can solve key challenges for their ideal prospects.

Simply put, if you’re in the business of selling, then you’re an expert in whatever you sell. It’s up to you to make sure your prospects know it. While your prospects only see what’s going on at their own companies, you can offer them a valuable bird’s eye view of trends across the entire industry.

But do your customers see it that way? If not, it’s because you’re coming off as salesy instead of as an expert.”

Excerpt from Napoleon Hill’s “Success Masters”

“An entrepreneur who can speak about a good or service with eloquence, passion and confidence is impressive. An entrepreneur who can do all that and be totally at ease in the silence that follows is a force to be reckoned with.

Learn to be comfortable with this silence. Let the customer think through what you’ve said about the apple, and then let them think some more. If they raise a concern, resist the temptation to reply at length. Keep your answer short and specific, and wait for an acknowledgment.”

Nav co-founder and CEO Levi King

“Develop a strong but friendly persona. Even if a consumer seems to know what they want, they will still need assistance. By projecting a friendly, helpful persona, you communicate to your customers that you possess trustworthy judgement.”

Brian Tracy

“While you won’t always have much information about the client, reviewing their company and asking questions will help you figure out their hesitations. During your phone call with a client, the other person is likely to drop clues. For instance, if they tell you that they’ve worked with a writer who missed deadlines, this is your chance to talk about your own reliability.”

Entrepreneur contributor Laura Pennington Briggs

“No company has unlimited time and money to test every tool to determine which ones work best. Instead of following the process of elimination, businesses should work to improve specific areas within their sales processes. Focusing on function helps sales leaders organize their priorities to determine which tools they need and which they can live without.”

Techincon Co-founder and Microsoft Senior Business Consultant Rashan Dixon

More Lessons in Selling

“[…] They sold 45 pairs of pants (for policewomen) that day, and got the police chief of Knoxville and a sergeant from Nashville to try the pants and then recommend them to their departments. The experience sparked a complete overhaul of the Czacks’ sales strategy. They set out to build an army of saleswomen — ­every one of whom was a police officer. […]”

Entrepreneur contributor Jordan Heller

“[‘From The Trash Man To The Cash Man‘ author Myron] Golden said he started to find success in sales when he finally realized that “selling is not about convincing people to do something they don’t want to do; selling is about empowering people and freeing people from their inhibitions so that they can do something that they already desire to do.”

Entrepreneur Network Partner Emily Richett

“The lesson here is be careful what you ask for because it could be your undoing. Don’t get so romanced by the idea of driving revenues that you don’t think through the operational or financial challenges. Only bite off what you can easily chew, otherwise your business will choke. Know what your core competencies are, and stay firmly focused on what you can do best. It is perfectly acceptable and prudent to say no to a sale if there are high odds it will end up capsizing your boat.”

Red Rocket Ventures Managing Partner George Deeb

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