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9 quotes on selling that put you back to reality

We’re almost at the end of January – well done! Now, before the month ends, let’s give you a recap of last week’s links posted on our Facebook along with our choice of 9 quotes that will help you make that big push in your selling journey:

“Lastly, remember that your job as a business owner is to stand behind your prices, prove the value and stay out of your clients’ wallets. The quicker you understand what you’re in charge of, the faster you’ll close sales and fill your calendar with perfect prospects who are dying to work with you, turning potentially destructive situations into wildly positive and prosperous ones.”

Jenny Shih, “What to Do When a Client Says, ‘I Can’t Afford You'”

“If you are not willing to knock on doors, put your ego aside and hear “no” again and again, and be at the front line of building a relationship with your customer, you’re on a quick path to becoming just another startup or failed company statistic.”

Ben Lamm, “The Ability to Sell Will Make or Break Your Company, So Stop Underselling It”

“Sales are killed because of our preconceived assumptions, and our premature presentations. By not connecting with our potential clients about their actual desires and needs, we’re having a non-personal conversation, that’s not focused on truth.”

Khabeer Rockley, “How to Stop Premature Presentation and Create Clients for Life”

“As part of your interview process, you can and should be digging deeper into a candidate’s background. As you consider people with the right strengths, consider their specific experience, salesmanship style, ability to executive and emotional intelligence.”

Doug Landis, “This Is How Founders Fail When Hiring Their First VP of Sales”

“If you cast a vast net out into the world of available talent in order to drag in an exceptional salesperson, you’ll be sorely (and expensively) disappointed. You wouldn’t hire a lineman to play quarterback, and you wouldn’t hire a front-end developer to build a back-end database. Sales is similarly a unique skill that demands a unique hiring strategy that seeks out the specific experiences and expertise that will serve your particular product and customer base.”

Greg McBeth, “Don’t Scale Your Sales Team Until You’ve Done These 4 Things”

“Achieving goals means spending time on the right things, not the wrong things. It’s as simple as that, but most of us don’t do it. To do it, it’s not enough to focus on our time. Not enough to be careful with time. Not enough to prioritize our time.”

Mike Schultz, “Use This 5-Step Process to Set and Achieve Your Sales Goals”

“Today is the day to stop thinking that your introversion holds you back from sales success. Break through the limiting belief that you can’t “do” sales, and instead embrace the truth that, with the right system, you’re actually perfect for it.”

Matthew Pollard, “The Sales Superpowers of Introverts”

“Sales reps don’t wait for orders. They’re go-getters and take matters into their own hands. Being disciplined like this helps salesmen to stay on track. If something has to be sold, there is a way to do it. The salesperson will do what it takes to sell the product. Learn to like the product better, compliment when appropriate, learn how to mirror behavior to connect, and then actually care about the connection.”

John Rampton, “The 15 Characteristics of People Who Succeed at Sales”

“Prospecting is a unique skill that requires lots of practice. Some people are really talented at it and can pick it up quickly, but it’s often best to learn from experience. The same instincts that make for valuable personal conversations in a real-life setting — “How are you doing?” — don’t work on a cold call. Instead, if you can adjust your approach to talking with people, avoid these well-meaning but counter-productive questions, and re-direct your energies in a few key ways, you can get better results out of your sales prospecting calls.”

Gregg Schwartz, “Top 5 Counterproductive Questions to Never Ask on a Cold Call”

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