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Constantly Upgrade your Sales Team’s skill set

“Constantly Upgrade your Sales Team’s skill set.” We intended to put emphasis on the first word so you will notice quickly.

HubSpot shared its list of the top sales trends that will be present this 2018, and somewhere down the post, you shall see this quote from sales consultant Roy Weissman:

SDRs with limited or poor training are costing companies lost sales. The stronger the front lines the higher the ROI and closing rates.

This is among the many reasons why your sales team needs to constantly upgrade its skill set in order to cope with the ever-expanding world. Take note: They’re not just competing with other companies in the country but also around the ASEAN region, where it is expected that every business in the region will be exporting their goods and services.

What is your sales team’s preparation for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community? In what way will you sell your product or service? How will you target prospective clients? How will you build long-term relationships with your prospective partners?

This is why DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Seminar Philippines is built. DoubleDigitGrowth has five (5) Master Classes facilitated by some of the best in the industry:

  • The Sales Leadership Master Class is a workshop that will help you define the line between managing your team’s sales process and leading them to exceed targets.
  • If you would like to improve your negotiation skills, the Strategic Negotiation Master Class is for you.
  • Want to sustain long-lasting business relations with your partners? Get into the Sustainable Selling Master Class and know how your sales team can take advantage.
  • The Sales Management Master Class is great for those who would like to improve their team’s sales flow.
  • The Sales Differentiation Dominance Master Class will help you to stand out from the competition by sharing the tricks on how to sell differently.

There are no one-shot tricks to put your sales team from zero to hero, and to do so, they need the upgraded knowledge and the skill set to get things going.

DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Seminar Philippines will help you and your team know where your strengths and weaknesses are to hit that sweet spot in selling.

To join any of these Master Classes, call us at (+63 2) 633-0153 / 535-1150 / 643-3887 / 642-2769, SMS +63 920 981 4376 or +63 920 924 2532, email or register online.

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