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The DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Training Series: Learn, then Lead

Today, the world has a wide marketplace. In this marketplace are people of different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. These people have their own tastes – their own different strokes.

Learning about them is a stepping stone to reach them and serve them your products and services. The question is this: As a salesperson, how will you reach them?

The DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Training Series is a great first step for you to improve your sales careers.

This Training Workshop Series will be providing you the knowledge and tips for you to be an ASEAN Sales Leader. In today’s business world, you will encounter many competitors, and having the best knowledge and strategies will give you a step ahead to your competitors.

Here are the schedules of the Master Classes for 2018:

  • Sales Leadership Master Class – March 23, 2018 at Tower Club Makati
  • Strategic Negotiation Master Class – April 27, 2018 at Tower Club Makati
  • Sustainable Selling Master Class – May 25, 2018 at Tower Club Makati
  • Sales Management Master Class – July 20, 2018 at Tower Club Makati
  • Sales Differentiation Dominance Master Class – September 28, 2018 at Tower Club Makati

It’s not easy to compete in the ASEAN market, where a lot of marketers are transcending language, cultures and borders. In this diverse community, only the wisest win.

In order to gain wisdom and learn from the experiences of these which have succeeded, they must know the strategies that have been used, especially in the ASEAN market.

Learn from experts and successful mentors at the DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Training Series for you to compete in ASEAN countries. Take this opportunity to learn, shine and grow.

Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corp., among the best event organizers in the Philippines will be the one who will organize this series of training seminars and workshops.

For booking and inquires you can contact (+63 2) 633-0153  / 535-1150 / 643-3887, SMS +63 920 981 4376 / +63 920 924 2532, email or sign up online(CD)

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