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How Top Salespeople Stay Motivated

With a steady drumbeat of negativity and business challenges, even the best printing salespeople sometimes struggle to stay focused and motivated.  From motivational books to daily meditation, we have seen salespeople try any or all techniques imaginable. Whatever the strategy, self-motivation is always longer lasting and sustainable than external motivation.

Unfortunately, there is no magic potion to ensure salespeople can stay motivated. With the changes taking place within printing and communications in general, salespeople must stay motivated to embrace change and forge ahead to success.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is a process we develop within ourselves that enables us to meet goals. It is our desire to make sales and satisfy customers. Our motivation levels are often affected by outside influences such as bad bosses, a rough economy, customer rejection and relentless competition. Regardless of outside influences, there is ample research that tells us that salespeople can manage their own levels of motivation.



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