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“I can sell, YOU can sell, WE can sell!”

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After sharing the stories of Tony, Alice, Jonas and Mara, it’s time to think things through in this third part of our series before the Sales Leadership Master Class this Friday, March 23 at Tower Club Makati.

If there’s one thing that we have the ability to do so, it’s to sell.

From the old times, people have been exchanging value over value via the Barter trade. Fast forward, we have seen a lot of professions based off selling. Heck, even some of them need to be registered with the regulators because they increase.

Nevertheless, it’s all because they can sell.

Can you sell? YES!

Have you tried doing a garage sale so that your old items will still be put to good use?

Have you tried selling cookies because those who have tasted it first said it’s delicious?

Have you tried to make your own dresses and sell them at bazaars?

It means you are selling.

Have you tried convincing your friends that what you offer is good?

Have you tried to convince your professor that you can do a special project?

Have you tried to offer yourself in a job interview?

That is still selling.


Whether if it’s monetary or for value, if you are aiming to exchange value over value with others, it’s selling.

If you accomplished it, then it’s a DEAL!

You see, there are ways to sell: Some of them do it on ground, Some of them do it on air and Some of them do it online.

In fact, I am offering you this post so that you read it and take this opportunity to realize that YOU can sell. This post is SELLING to you. “I” am Selling.

Now that you realize your potential, you say “I can sell.” You can sell. We can sell!

Now do us a favor and share this post to those who still don’t believe that they can sell. Tell them they can.

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This Master Class provides the important details for a high-performance sales team, as well as case studies depending on the industry of businesses that the delegates are into.

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The Sales Leadership Master Class is part of the DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Master Classes series. Inquirer.net is an online media partner for this event.

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