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Isn’t it fascinating that DEALS is among the anagrams of the word LEADS?

For sales professionals, getting LEADS is important.

The LEADS is where sales professionals pitch for.

LEADS is the ones sales professionals persuade to avail of their products and services.

The sales come from the closed DEALS brought by the LEADS.

The question is this: How do sales professionals get LEADS?

Do they search it online? Yes.

Do they meet them in networking events? Yes.

Do they meet them by chance? No.

The tip here is that as a sales professional, it is your move to land on the next LEAD.

The LEAD that you got today didn’t work? Try the other lead that you got.

It is an endless cycle to some. It can get dreary and dragging.

But in the end, they still have to look for the next LEAD to step into the next DEAL.

Eventually, they get lucky in a LEAD that it gets converted into a DEAL.

There is a concern though: Some sales professionals do need to be pushed further to get more LEADS to secure DEALS. If things don’t really work out, it’s time for a reassessment.

Reassessments do check if the professional is at par with the company’s standards, but sometimes the company standards may not be at par with the professional.

In this case, both may need their training.

Luckily, there are sales seminars in the Philippines that just consume one day of their work week. Sales Leadership Master Class is one of them.

Led by Asia’s Top Sales Trainer Tom Abbott, the Sales Leadership Master Class has helped sales professionals of various industries to rethink their sales strategy and focus on what is important for their sales teams to know.

This Master Class provides the important details for a high-performance sales team, as well as case studies depending on the industry of businesses that the delegates are into.

Again, you won’t know the end of the story well if you won’t immerse yourself into it. Join the Sales Leadership Master Class and complete your sales leadership story.

Call us at 633-0153 / 535-1150 / 643-3887, SMS 0920-981-4376 / 0920-924-2532, email info@exlinkevents.com or sign up online to join. Remember: This will happen this Friday, book fast as the rates will increase on the event day itself.

The Sales Leadership Master Class is part of the DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Master Classes series. Inquirer.net is an online media partner for this event.

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