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Preempting Sales Objections Using Neuroscience

Preempting Sales Objections Using Neuroscience will be one of the important and interesting topics in the 2nd Sales Breakthrough Conference set this April 2-3, 2020 at Tower Club, Makati City.

According to Psychology Today, “Neuroscience is the place where psychology meets biology to further understanding of physical, psychological, and neurological health conditions, such as the brain’s role in how we perceive different types of pain…”

One of the focus of Neuroscience is the Thorndike Law of Effect which posits that all animals (including humans) are hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain—played out in the brain (Psychology Today).

These and other important discoveries about Neuroscience will be discussed in relation to Selling, and the salesperson’s reactions to sales objection.

Sales objections are one of the big obstacles of selling. Being able to face it head-on and knowing how to face it and approach it positively allows a salesperson to be successful in the field of selling.

Having said this, this is a very interesting topic for discussion that delegates will be able to learn a lot and help them win and achieve their sales goal for this year.

U.S. Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner

The 2nd Sales Breakthrough Conference will have Ben Ampil, a U.S. Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, a management tool widely-used by Fortune 500 Companies and world-class celebrities and athletes who have distinguished themselves by achieving excellence in their respective fields on a consistent basis.

He has vast experience in training and coaching different sales professionals in different industries.

Sales Conference in the Philippines

The 2nd Sales Breakthrough Conference is the best Sales Conference in the Philippines for Sales Managers and Sales Professionals.

It is a two-day conference focused on Selling Mastery and Sales Management. The conference presents cutting edge and fresh concepts that will allow sales managers and sales professionals to generate insights that they can immediately use to achieve and exceed their sales target this 2020 and beyond.

Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corporation (Exlinkevents) is the producer and organizer of the 2nd Sales Breakthrough Conference. Exlinkevents is one of the leading business event organizers and MICE planners in the Philippines.

For participation and partnership call tel. no. 8 633 01 53, text mobile no. 0920 9814376 or email

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