Sales Leadership Master Class for Banks

What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for your bank’s sales team?

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There are lots of benefits in joining the Sales Leadership Master Class happening this March 23, 2018 at Tower Club Makati, and we are here to enumerate the benefits of this Master Class to various industries.

Banks are a necessity for most of us. We need banks to save, spend, lend or pay for money. It’s no surprise that with the advent of financial technology, companies are vying for the attention of future clients more than ever.

Among the sales leaders-in-training is Tony (not his real name), a sales executive for a major bank. Tony’s sales team is having a difficulty reaching out to their prospects, which led to them asking for help.

Tony then called for an emergency meeting.

During the meeting, it is mentioned that there are roadblocks in getting their prospects. It was then realized that their offerings are not relevant for today’s young professionals. They need a re-haul, but where they will run to for help?

They asked their HR team to recommend them to sales training workshops and seminars – and so their journey begins.

The matter of this story is that once you realize that there’s a problem, plan on it swiftly before it becomes a bigger problem. In case your sales team can’t figure things out for themselves, it’s time to ask someone else. The Sales Leadership Master Class is a here to help.

Led by Asia’s Top Sales Trainer Tom Abbott, the Sales Leadership Master Class has helped sales professionals of various industries to rethink their sales strategy and focus on what is important for their sales teams to know.

This Master Class provides the important details for a high-performance sales team, as well as case studies depending on the industry of businesses that the delegates are into.

You won’t know the end of the story well if you won’t immerse yourself into it. Join the Sales Leadership Master Class and complete your sales leadership story.

Call us at 633-0153 / 535-1150 / 643-3887, SMS 0920-981-4376 / 0920-924-2532, email or sign up online to join. Seats are going out fast so better join now!

The Sales Leadership Master Class is part of the DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Master Classes series. is an online media partner for this event.


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