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Sales Seminar Philippines – Creating ASEAN Sales Leaders

Sales Seminar Philippines envisions ASEAN Ready Sales Leaders.

The sales programs are all geared towards improving knowledge, skills and attitude that enable current sales managers, supervisors and professionals prepared to battle it out with ASEAN counterparts.

ASEAN is a 635 Million population with a GDP of USD 2,559.5 Billion (HKTDC 2016). This huge market is a big opportunity to all Philippine business. In the forefront of the business competition are the business sales leaders with their salesforce.

ASEAN Sales Leaders

Sales leaders that view the country as their battleground are myopic. The obvious presence of foreign competition is increasing everyday.

Companies that wanted to survive the new market space must be able to provide proper trainings to their sales leaders and salesforce.

The current requirement for sales leaders right now is to have an ASEAN mindset. The skills needed for a sales leader to succeed is knowledge about the ASEAN countries, and deep understanding on the buyers dynamics in each of the 10 countries.

Indeed, companies need to produce ASEAN Sales Leaders.

Double Digit Growth Masterclasses


The Double Digit Growth Masterclasses for Sales are part of the answer of business leaders to the current training vacuum in the creation of ASEAN Sales Leaders.

The Sales Seminars designed for the Philippines sales leaders are heavy on international sales leadership. The only way to survive in the new marketplace is to have leaders that are willing to acquire the knowledge and skills to be ASEAN ready.

As the name of the Sales Seminars for the Philippines suggest, taking the programs will allow your business to have double digit growth, this despite the heavy competition.


Sales Leadership Masterclass


The first offering of the Double Digit Growth Masterclasses is the Sales Leadership Masterclass, a perennial blockbuster because of the knowledge and skills imparted during the seminar by the resource speaker. Tom Abbott, the resource speaker is a well known expert and international speaker for sales. His talks are much sought by ASEAN countries and other parts of the world.

Attending the Sales Leadership Masterclass is worth your time and money.

There are immediate takeaways in the Sales Leadership Masterclass which you can use when you return to your office.

Your Business Needs More Sales Leaders


The VUCA World created a lot of challenges to your business, if you wanted to survive, you need more sales leaders that will help you strategize in navigating this VUCA World.

The products and services that your business have will not set you apart from the competition, it is your sales leaders.


Inquire and Join Now!

The time to take action is now. If you believe that you need more sales leaders to win against the competition, and in the ASEAN market, call us at tel. no. 633-0153 or 643-3887 or email us at

Hurry, the best time to join and start your way to victory is now!



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