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Sales Technique: Create a Sense of Urgency

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One of the most effective sales techniques that anybody can use is to create a Sense of Urgency.

Salesperson must be able to use this technique and impart to the client the Sense of Urgency to decide. There are two reasons why?

First, to create a sense of urgency allows the salesperson to speed-up the closing of the sales process. A client that feels the sense of urgency is compelled to decide immediately.

One reason for this is that the client feels FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) if the decision is delayed. For the client, the delayed decision will have dire consequences. Example of consequences are failure to able the discount, promos, freebies, exclusives, preferred rates and strategic items.

Second and Lastly, a salesperson that knows how to use creating a sense of urgency technique will be able to close more sales and hit the monthly sales target.

If you, as a salesperson, will be able to hit the sales target, the incentives and other rewards of being an achiever are waiting.

This is the reason why Selling is a rewarding profession. There are psychological skills and creative work involved.

The salesperson must grasp the mental state of the client and must persuade the client to go to the direction the salesperson wants the client to go.

Being able to control and direct the client to close the deal because of the effective use of the Creating a Sense of Urgency technique is a reward in itself. The salesperson gains confidence mastering this technique.

This is not a lie.

Creating a Sense of Urgency Sales Technique is not easy and involves subtle messaging of the salesperson to the client. It is not hypnotism but persuasion, and influence – two powerful words that involve art and science.

A salesperson that masters this sales technique must master the science of influence and persuasion – a skill that demands continuous knowledge of oneself and study of the elements of persuasion and influence.

5 Tactics to Create a Sense of Urgency

Here are the 5 tactics to create a sense of urgency:

  1. Show clearly your value proposition;
  2. Show how their problems will be solved by taking action;
  3. Show the benefits and gain of taking action;
  4. Show the savings they will gain by taking action;
  5. Show the consequences of inaction.

In Summary

Creating a Sense of Urgency as a Sales Technique is effective when you genuinely care about your client.

The tactics are meant to enable the client to see why taking action and getting your offer will help them, and make their organization better.

At the end of the day, you, as a salesperson, are a human being  designed to help others, and by helping others, you gain their business, and achieve your goal.

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