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Sales Technique: Selling the Benefits and Solution to the Problem

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The sales technique “Selling the Benefits and Solution to the Problem” is an effective way to convert new customers.

However, before you jump and start using this technique, you have to remember to understand first the customer and the current status quo.

Understanding the Customer and the Status Quo

Selling is part of the Promotion Mix, and Promotion is part of the Marketing Mix. Therefore, Selling is still Marketing. Marketing is understanding the needs, wants and expectations of your target customers.

Hence, it follows that you need to know your target customers personality and study their company’s operations.

If you do this, you will soon find out that they are currently using a competitor’s product or service.

The challenge is how do you show them that if they change and use your product or service they will experience better, and have added value.

If you can show them that you are offering a better solution, you will win. But winning will be faster and long lasting if you can address the solutions to their pain points.

The Pain Points

It is easier said than done.

Finding the pain points of your customers is difficult. You may need to probe deeper. The deeper you probe, the better chance you can uncover their pain points.

Almost all customers shift to a better product or service, if they see that their pain points are solved.

Do you agree? Of course, you must agree. In the deeper analysis, we all decide to change if we know that our decisions will make us better. We all shift our loyalty if we are sure that we are transferring it to a superior product or service.

Use Wisely the Sales Technique: Selling the Benefits and Solution to the Problem

Avoid being excited when you discover the pain points of the customers. Do not automatically use the sales technique and expect the customer to give the sale.

After all, before the customer buys your product or service, you must earn his trust.

Establish Trust Before Using the Sales Technique

People buy product or service to people they feel they can trust. It is a given. Humans support trustworthy individuals.

This means you have to sell yourself first to your client. You have to convince the client that you can be trusted.

Once you established the trust, the sales process will be easy.

Selling the Benefits and Solution to the Problem – the best way to sell your product and service

When you earn the trust of the customers, it is time to use the selling technique. You must act as a consultant, demonstrate the benefits and solutions of your product and service, and show how to make the lives of your customers better.

The value that you add and what the customers perceive that you can add to their company and lives are magical moments in the selling process.

The most important result of this technique is REPEAT BUSINESS. At the end of the day, we, as sales professionals, are after repeat business and long customer lifetime value.

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