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Sales Tip No.1: Set A Goal

Most probably, Set A Goal is the simplest yet the most important Sales Tip you can have.

If you want to have a solid direction and start your engine into a life of achievement, you have to set a goal.

In a lot of researches and studies, when a salesperson had clear goals, he accomplishes a lot of things. While a salesperson without goals, never go anywhere.

In addition, written goals are strong motivation for a salesperson to be focused. It serves as an accountability document, spurring salesperson to be determined.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Call this one a cliché. But this cliché is backed by wisdom. It does not only hold a grain of truth, it is what it is, a guidepost to allow a salesperson to succeed.

Therefore, this 2018 can be a year of accomplishment if you will set clear goals. Assure your success write your goals.

A goal without a deadline is a dream

Often times, we are blinded by believing that if we have goals we are assured that we will be successful, not so fast.

You have to set a deadline.

This is the key ingredient for the success that you wanted to have. A goal with a deadline makes you responsible to do what it takes in order to accomplish the goal in a given timeline.

The deadline is responsible to push your creative juices to work. It will also push your physical limits to do what it takes to deliver the goals ahead of the time constraint.

Stop living on the Someday Island

Most of us live in the Someday Island. Someday I will be like this, someday I will be like that. You have to throw this wishing habit, start doing.

The difference between winners and losers is that winners set clear goals and do it. The losers, either they do not have goals or they have goals but it remain in their minds – a figment of their imagination.

So Set Clear Goals, and Just Do It

Here is the thing, you only need to set clear goals, and focus all your energies realizing these goals.

It is easier said than done. But that is the fun part, the journey not the destination.

After all is said and done, you will realize that the Mt. Everest goals that you set to conquer are just ant molehills when you have achieved it.

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