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Selling through SMS versus through Messaging Apps

Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash
Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

For Small and Medium Enterprises, having ways to communicate with their customers is a necessity. In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of selling through the fastest ways possible: SMS and Messaging Apps.

Most medium and large companies communicate through email, but in a mobile-first world, consumers on the move prefer messages shorter than emails. This is where we leverage the power of short messages to let them know what’s up.

In communication, the shorter, the better – the same goes for selling products or services. The shorter the message is, the better for the consumer or client to understand it.

Pros and Cons of SMS and Messaging Apps

The table below shows the benefits and limitations of SMS and Messaging Apps, taking into consideration a discussion posted on the Fairphone forum:

SMS+ Fast to send
+ Messaging standard for mobile phones
– Limited to 160 characters each
– Messages are on plain text only
Messaging Apps+ Can include additional media/files/emoji
+ Messages can be encrypted
– Mobile data needed to send/receive messages

As for the age demographic, AdWeek says that “as many as seven in 10 [Millennials] say they use instant-messaging services because they are quicker than SMS or social media.” [Hospitality Technology]

Meanwhile, a 2018 Skipio feature states that “78% of your customers would rather communicate with your business via text of any other method.”

Messaging for Businesses and for Consumers

While both systems are still used until today, we recommend using Messaging Apps mostly for business-to-consumer selling, and SMS for business-to-business communications for the time being.

In due time, businesses will eventually transition to using messaging apps for enterprise communication, citing a 2019 We Are Social-Hootsuite report where the Facebook Messenger tops the list of the frequently-used chat apps in the Philippines.

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