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Solving the Mystery of Successful Sales Enablement

There’s no question about it: Sales enablement is a difficult task that is compounded by an enormous amount of confusion. To clear the smoke and bring some much-needed clarity to this function, it’s important to take a look at what sales enablement actually is and how to tackle it for greater success within your sales organization.

What exactly is sales enablement?


Sales enablement has varying definitions across the industry. But our research, conducted with Florida State University, led to what we see as a much more useful definition of sales enablement: “Sales enablement equips salespeople to offer the right solution, at the right time, using the right strategy, the right sales message, and the right sales tools in the different situations they face.”

While some definitions may refer to a buyer and a buying process, our definition notes, critically:

  • Salespeople face a variety of buyers
  • Within a variety of buying processes
  • That form the various buying situations they must address


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