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Strategic Negotiation for Decision-Makers this April 27

Decision-makers are the ones who have the final say whether the plan is ok to be executed or not. Oftentimes, they decide the company’s business directions. Now, we will share a story on how Strategic Negotiation helps decision-makers of any industry.

Joey (not his real name) is the president of the city’s business association. He is the head of a group of businessmen who are in various industries – all decision-makers.

In one general meeting, a member talked about how they are trying to deal with a major construction company for a major road investment in the city which will benefit commuters and drivers alike. Turns out that this major company that employs the best architects and contractors is one hard egg to crack, and the said member has gone back and forth to negotiate the deal.

How Strategic Negotiation can help decision-makers?

Joey was in a distance, Carefully eavesdropping in the conversation. After a few moments, he approached the table. “May I know what’s the strategy we’re doing? Maybe we can help.”

This begins a long meeting on how they can get the major company to propose the deal and then include them as a member of the association to get acquainted with the other members.

Negotiation is like dancing – it takes two to tango – but sometimes, the negotiation may take three to four or so. The idea here is to involve the knowledge of decision-makers to make something worthwhile for the community.

That’s why after a few years, the city is regarded as the one with the most beautiful roads in the region.

Rare stories like these are the ones decision-makers need, and you may want to share this piece to them. Now, if they felt not satisfied (and still struggling on how to persuade and influence the other party), invite him to join the Strategic Negotiation Master Class.

We are inviting decision-makers of ALL industries to partake in this wonderful Master Class led by The Persuasion Doctor himself, David Goldwich, coming all the way from Singapore.

The Strategic Negotiation Master Class will be held on Friday, April 27 at Tower Club Makati. Seats are limited, so book yours now by calling Ex-Link Events at (+63 2) 633-0153 / 643-3887, SMS  (+63) 0920-981-4376 or 0920-924-2532, email, message us on Facebook or sign up online. Associations can avail of special rates, just let our friendly sales associates know.

This Master Class is supported by the Philippines’ Hotel Sales and Marketing Association with as the Online Media Partner.

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