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The 2019 Sales “Cookbook”

Once upon a time, making cold calls on the phone, showing up for networking events, and engaging effectively in person with happy clients could serve as the pillars of an effective business development “cookbook.”

Of course, all three of those things are still important pieces of the puzzle, but now, the puzzle has a lot more pieces. The most effective salespeople we’re working with have adopted three best practices when it comes to prospecting.

First: Rather than focusing on creating and sending one email message at a time, they’re creating a whole suite of targeted messages that can go out to inactive contacts on a “drip” basis that’s more reminiscent of a digital marketing campaign. (At the same time, these salespeople are staying on the right side of current anti-spam and data protection laws.)

Second: They’re leveraging LinkedIn and other social media channels as a powerful source for generating referrals.

Third: they’re realizing that all the different elements of a prospecting campaign (both digital and traditional) must work together over time. Bottom line: Various forms of digital communication are going to be critical parts of the effective prospecting “cookbook” in 2019.

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