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The Best Sales Training is…

Sales Training Philippines

The Best Sales Training in the Philippines is…

You know it is hard to give this recognition to any sales training provider. Although some are claiming that what they offer is the Best Sales Training in the Philippines.

The verdict is still out there on the hands of the attendees.

Three Characteristics of the Best Sales Training

  1. Alignment with the Needs of the Sales Professionals

Sales Trainings can be part of the best if they are aligned with the needs of the sales professionals.

Otherwise, the sales attendees will be disappointed and irate if they found out that they just wanted their precious time attending a sales training the does not answer what they are looking for.

2. Relevancy

Is it relevant to the current conditions?

If not sales training providers and organizers should not offer it.

I learn in marketing that the first thing to do is to understand your customers. Know their needs, wants and expectations.

In the in-house trainings, a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is used to understand the attendees. In public sales trainings, the demographic segmentation is used to understand the attendees.

However, if you ask me, it is better if the TNA can be used to public sales trainings. In that way, we can better understand the attendees.

The key is the sales training program should be relevant to the one consuming it.

3. Edutainment

Adults need to relax, if possible play during the sales training.

A training full of serious topics and crazy jargons are….arrrghhh.

I am not kidding. I know you will agree. We have been both in a very difficult sales training situations. And It is killing me.

I love sales trainings that educate and entertain.

If the resource speaker can gamify it, it is better.

The key is a sales training that can achieve the knowledge transfer to the attendees. At the same time, the attendees can say they enjoyed the whole process is the most effective sales training.

And you’re right and read my mind correctly, Edutainment is the main characteristic that the best Sales Training offered in the Philippines.

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