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Three Big Reasons Why You Need Sales Training Even if You’re an Expert

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Are you Shookt?

Why should you need to attend sales training when you have been doing this for more than a decade now?

We often hear this grumbling from sales professionals that are in the field for more than a decade.

Is it justified?

The answer is no, but we understand where they are coming from?

However, if you wanted to be on top of your sales game, you need to sharpen the saw.

Sharpen the Saw

The business environment is evolving and the consumer behavior is changing rapidly. If you cannot see these things happening right in front of your eyes, a rampaging truck might overrun you.

But if you accept that change is inevitable. You will see that it is not safe to be inanimate.

Yes, as a sales person you cannot relax.

You need to retool, unlearn and relearn. You need to attend a sales training.

Attending a sales training every year. At least, twice a year, will keep you abreast of what is going on in your sales profession.

In addition, you can retool your current sales skills and knowledge.

Indeed, you will sharpen the saw and continuously give you the edge against your competition.

Learners are Earners

Knowledge is power, more so if that is applied knowledge. And you can only have it by continuously attending sales trainings.

Yes, sales trainings is one of the best avenue for you to learn.

You don’t only learn during sales trainings. By learning, I mean only memorize the new sales jargons or buzzwords. What you achieve during sales trainings are insights and strategies that you can use to become a more successful sales professional.

As a constant learner, you will find yourself, working smart, not hard.

I bet you will love to have more time with your family.

And yes it is possible; if you will attend sales trainings and use the key insights and takeaways of the trainings you attended to expand your sales repertoire.

Your Network Determines Your Net worth

When you attend sales trainings, you don’t only gain knowledge and skills.

One of the best open secrets of attending sales training is gaining new business acquaintances or friends.

We live in a world that is social and connected.

Business is not about superiority of your products and services (of course, this is a plus and advantage). The heart of the business is relationship.

Do you agree?

Of course, you do! Only naïve sales professional will say no.

If you have been into the trenches and you wet your feet in the field, you will strongly believe that a bigger chunk of a sales professional’s success is the trust that he has gained with his clients.

The trust is the relationship he built through the years.

First of all, the client does not buy the product or services offered by the sales person. Before he part ways with his money, you as a sales person must earn the confidence of the client.

It is easy for a potential client to invest or buy the products and services being provided by the salesperson when he is sold to the character of the sales person.

Some may call this the likeability factor.

I call this, selling yourself first to the client before you sell your products and services.

Going back to the network that determines your net worth. They will, because a sales person that asks a sale or help gets it.

The more a salesperson knows a lot of people, the more a salesperson gets potential clients and support in achieving his sales objectives.

Therefore, attend sales training to expand your network.

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