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What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for Managers-in-Training?

Imagine this: You are a sales professional who is able to withstand challenges tasked to you. One day, you are tapped by your senior manager to take his place, as he will be going to top-level management. You have been endorsed to the whole sales staff.

Now that is another challenge. That happened to Brenda (not her real name), who is a 24-year-old sales pioneer at a food service company catering to large businesses.

Brenda’s daily life goes like this: She wakes up, eat breakfast, prepare herself for daily field meetings with a portfolio on her right arm that she always carries with her every work day. She has been hustling and hustling her way to get leads and close deals,

But even she knows that hustle will not just be enough. While she knows the tools of the trade, as a solo professional, she has little idea how to lead a team of 10 staff who will be under her.

What did she do after realizing this?

She started to talk with her fellows about what they look forward in her leadership and what can be improved.

That one step helped her decide what she will do next. The thing is, she has  not yet figured it out.

So she sought the help of her senior manager, who recommended her to join sales seminars or workshops. She took the opportunity.

A week following her participation in the seminar, she met with the whole sales staff to discuss the transition of leadership from her senior manager to her, sort of like a farewell party.

This means that she will be less on the field together, so she taught them to have a their basic information ready in their portfolio or even in an online backup. This, in addition to the tip-sharing discussion that they had, boosted the morale of some, but not all of them.

Brenda noticed two of the staff who are pressured in the transition.

Following the farewell party, she asked the two staff if they have more time to spare, then talked to them privately on what concerns them the most. They did felt pressure on what they will do next, but Brenda reassured them that everything will be fine, and that she will dedicate her time to make them her clones.

Why so? Brenda believes that they needed her skills the most. She then took them into her tutelage, sending them from field to field with portfolios in tow. Two years later, Brenda chose another career path, and the two staff are now sales managers in the company.

What is the moral of the story? Sales leaders come and go, and in order for the company to be sustainable in the long run, managers-in-training are passing their experiences to future managers-in-training. The thing is this: It does take time.

This is where Sales Leadership Master Class comes in.

Led by Asia’s Top Sales Trainer Tom Abbott, the Sales Leadership Master Class has helped sales professionals of various industries to rethink their sales strategy and focus on what is important for their sales teams to know.

This Master Class provides the important details for a high-performance sales team, as well as case studies depending on the industry of businesses that the delegates are into.

Again, you won’t know the end of the story well if you won’t immerse yourself into it. Join the Sales Leadership Master Class and complete your sales leadership story.

Call us at 633-0153 / 535-1150 / 643-3887, SMS 0920-981-4376 / 0920-924-2532, email info@exlinkevents.com or sign up online to join. Remember: You still have time to book your seat as rates will go up on the day of the workshop itself.

The Sales Leadership Master Class is part of the DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Master Classes series. Inquirer.net is an online media partner for this event.

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