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What can Sales Leadership Master Class do for your Realty sales team?

The Sales Leadership Master Class at the Tower Club Makati will just happen one week from now, this March 23, 2018. This Master Class is a one-day crash course on what matters for a sales team to succeed.

We are currently on the second part of our series of stories leading to the big day. Following the story of Tony, we will now share another story.

Alice (not her real name) is a senior real estate sales training lead in a major land developer. Together with her associates Jonas and Mara (not their real names either), they are training their company’s sales teams, catering professionals aged 30 up.

Recently, external conditions affect their sales output. It is also predicted that these conditions will be long-term.

This is unfortunate for the three as they are also managing their own big-ticket accounts. What could they do to help the team get motivated amid the conditions?

Challenged, the three went on to re-trace their steps back when they were starting. The months they they took their feet to the field to sell consumables in sachets, television sets, or even t-shirts did made them wish they were young again.

As the hour goes by, they have exhausted their knowledge and finally sought the help of their HR team whom they have asked to recommend a seminar or workshop that takes just a part of their work week.

Luckily, the HR team remembers one workshop …and so, their strategy changes.

Alice, Jonas and Mara don’t want to think too much, as doing it will exhaust them more. Overthinking drives them away from the real deal of their situation, straying them away from actually doing sales. Even if they are sales leaders, they still need a refresher course.

The story of Alice, Jonas and Mara do resemble the stories of a few sales professionals who are trying to keep up with the increasing challenges. For these sales professionals, there’s Sales Leadership Master Class.

Led by Asia’s Top Sales Trainer Tom Abbott, the Sales Leadership Master Class has helped sales professionals of various industries to rethink their sales strategy and focus on what is important for their sales teams to know.

This Master Class provides the important details for a high-performance sales team, as well as case studies depending on the industry of businesses that the delegates are into.

Join the Sales Leadership Master Class and complete your sales leadership story.

Call us at 633-0153 / 535-1150 / 643-3887, SMS 0920-981-4376 / 0920-924-2532, email info@exlinkevents.com or sign up online to join. Seats are going out fast so better join now!

The Sales Leadership Master Class is part of the DoubleDigitGrowth Sales Master Classes series. Inquirer.net is an online media partner for this event.

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