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Why we need Sales Breakthroughs in mobile eCommerce in 2020

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Small and Medium enterprises need to change the way they do business, form selling up to fulfillment, in order to get their share of the market. The year 2020 opens up a lot of opportunities for SMEs to boost and apply their knowledge on eCommerce, especially in selling.

There are factors why businesses need to catch up with this trend:

Consumers are glued to their smartphones

Some people treat their smartphones as their own offices, some as home entertainment. Smartphones have become so powerful that it opens a lot of opportunities for salespeople to present their ideas.

Some salespeople may prefer to show their decks to their prospects through a smartphone-tablet hybrid (phablet), and some prefer to go live on Facebook through their smartphones to sell stuff.

Kids in the 90’s must have seen the rise of home TV shopping in the country, but we already saw the home TV shopping coming to our Facebook news feeds.

Statistica.com has forecasted the Philippines to have 38.4 million smartphone users by this year.

Consumer spending habits have changed

When cashless payments were first introduced during this decade, most Filipinos are not yet trusting. By 2020, we already see QR payment codes popping out in most counters in key cities.

Even major fast food restaurants are dipping their toes into cashless payments by offering self-order kiosks where diners can get their meal fix with a few taps and a card swipe.

Major online selling platforms have also used “11-11” and “12-12” to sell products en masse. A major player reported an increase of more than 10 million users year-on-year, doubled the number of sellers, and flooded the logistics industry with 1.5 million items shipped from their warehouse within the span of 24 hours.

eCommerce is already here – and it’s BIG

Gone were the times we have to go to physical stores. eCommerce is has gone from being a buzzword to becoming a household habit. Even the government has its own eCommerce Roadmap for 2016-2020.

“The roadmap’s main objective is to contribute 25% to the Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020 (from 10% in 2015 based on estimates made by iMetrics Asia Pacific Corporation). The country’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which make up 99.6% of Philippine enterprises, will largely benefit from this initiative. By participating and engaging in e-commerce programs and projects, Philippine MSMEs can become globally competitive.”

Chapter 4: Philippine E-Commerce Roadmap 2016-2020 (a), Department of Trade and Industry Philippines, published January 29, 2016

Summing up the factors, each seller needs a different, out-of-the-box approach when it comes to selling items in a continuous, evolving marketplace.

In line with this, we are inviting everyone to join the Sales Breakthrough Conference 2020 at Tower Club Makati on April 2-3, 2020. More information about this event can be read here:

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