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Your company’s tech versus your company’s needs for Lead Management

“Are you still stuck using legacy CRM’s to drive your Lead Management process? CRM’s have introduced a lot of fantastic features that over time have become staples of almost every sales and marketing organization.  While they provide a lot of great features for tracking different sales processes, they don’t always hit the mark when it comes to Lead Management.

Perhaps you even fall into a category that a recent client introduced me to.  They manage thousands of qualified inquiries every month utilizing a nifty solution they call Excel-RM.  “I can get everything I need out of one of those 14 spreadsheets.  Once Pam is in, I’ll have her update the report and show you. Should only take a few hours or so”.  Don’t be that team.

Whether you are using legacy CRM’s or lower tech solutions, it might be time for you to review what your tech stack needs are in relation to Lead Management.”

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