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Your Customer: The True North of the Sales Cycle

Knowing how to build customer relationships gives you more flexibility. There isn’t just one approach to handling a large deal. You can make a big splash, solve the customer’s problem, and you’re done. Or, you can take the land and expand approach. Start small in one line of business, build a value case, and engage everyone around your sponsor to seed the vision. And soon, you’re gaining support across multiple lines of business and you’ve got a real big deal.

I can give many examples of this approach. But whatever methodology you choose, keep the customer’s business case as the hub of your negotiation wheel throughout the sales process. Remember the business case is your anchor, your compass rose, your True North (or whatever you may call it) throughout the sales cycle.

Used early, often, and with great specificity, a business case that is validated by your customer’s data will enable you to sell more profitable deals that often grown quickly over time. You’ll build the kind of momentum that drives game-changing deals for both you and the customer.

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